10 Hidden Easter Eggs And Details Fans Missed In Season 1

To those who have never heard of school live so far, here’s a simple overview. A group of high school girls barricade themselves in their high school during a zombie outbreak while allowing their friend to rave that all is well. Anyone reading this who doesn’t want to be spoiled should watch the show.

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In most shows, Easter eggs serve as little callbacks to previous episodes or refer to other properties. While that’s always the case in this series, Easter Eggs also serve as clues to some grim truth about the world and foreshadow what’s to come. They’ve been hidden so carefully that it’s no wonder fans missed these ten Easter eggs and their details.

ten Aperture changes gradually

Most people tend to skip the opening of shows. As far as most people are concerned, watching the same opening every time they start a new episode is pointless and adds nothing to the viewing experience. This is not the case with School Live!. In the first episode, the opening presents the show much like how Yuki sees it as sweet and carefree. However, with each episode, the facade is peeled off. Zombies become more prevalent, characters change and disappear, and details are added revealing the reality the girls are trapped in. It’s rather reserved unlike the other OPs who reveal too much.

9 The stall

When trapped in a zombie apocalypse, it’s understandable that survivors want to escape into a good story and forget about their troubles. Still, it’s strange that out of all the books Miki would choose, she chose The stall. What’s odd is that not only is it a real Stephen King book but it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a virus.

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It’s a strange story to read while dealing with an actual virus plaguing the world, but maybe she’s using it as a reference to emulate in order to survive. Or perhaps it foreshadows the School Life Club meeting a fate similar to that of the characters in the book.

8 Warnings in Episode 1

Anyone starting this show with no idea what it’s really about would be blindsided by the twist. Some would say the reveal is coming out of left field but it is not. Throughout the first episode, there are subtle hints that what is shown is from Yuki’s point of view. Small details like cryptic messages on the blackboard, the cross on the rooftop garden, and the fact that the characters in the background are all faceless. Almost as if they were paper cutouts to replace the students who were infected.

seven Library full of zombie manga

Arguably one of the most popular sections of any school library is their graphic novel sections. Who hasn’t strolled through this section to take a look at some manga or graphic novels? Yuki does this in the second episode during her test of courage when the club explores the library.

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Eagle-eyed viewers looking closely at the manga collection should notice that all of the titles either have ties to the zombie genre or are a play on the show’s title. It seems the girls can’t escape the zombies even from the comfort of a high school library.

6 I am fate

References are not limited to the library. When the club investigates the mall, Yuki points to a dog that looks like Taroumaru. From the outset, the title “I am Destiny” is a parody of I’m a legend, another story about someone struggling in a post-apocalyptic world. What’s not so obvious is that the poster is a parody of the movie poster for the 1989 film adaptation of Seminar for pets. As humorous as it sounds, it also serves as an unfortunate prediction of what will happen towards the end of the season. Anyone who has watched the show all the way knows the tragedy that unfolds and how fitting the reference is.

5 Foreshadowing of the rain lesson

The weather can play a crucial role when it comes to storytelling. Sometimes the weather can reflect the tone of a scene with bright, happy sunshine or dark, melancholy rain. In Yuki’s case, the rain brings to mind a traumatic incident that recently happened at the club. During one of her ravings in class, she writes about four different types of rain. Normally that would be a trivial detail, but given that two of the show’s most meaningful moments happen on rainy days, it could mean some of his pent-up memories are trying to resurface and allude to the finale.

4 Hints that Megumi is an illusion

Megumi might just be the best teacher a student could ask for. She is kind, caring, and devoted to her students, but unfortunately, she is not alive. It is finally revealed in episode six that Megumi is another one of the delusions that Yuki created as a coping mechanism.

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As tragic as this revelation is, it makes sense considering the girls would talk about Megumi and completely ignore her unless Yuki addresses it. At first, it seemed like a running gag aimed at Megumi’s sheepish nature, but upon further reflection, it becomes clear that the girls were in fact unaware of her. Even though fans were able to grasp the clues early on, the reveal hurt just as much.

3 Reminder of graduation plans

In the season finale, the girls conclude that they can no longer stay in school. The zombie horde destroyed the school’s power source and their crops were burned, forcing the girls to choose where to go next. Their choices include the College of Saint Isodore or the Randall Corporation. What’s interesting is that this conversation mirrors the discussion they had in a previous episode about whether they would get a job or go to college after graduation. It’s a shame the anime couldn’t explore it further, but at least the manga did.

2 The other girls are also in denial

From the very first episode, it’s only featured while Yuki lives in denial about the zombie outbreak while her friends have to come to terms with the ongoing case. On closer inspection, it seems that all girls have their own delusions. Yuuri acts as the leader assuring the others that they have nothing to fear, Kurumi convinces herself that the zombies aren’t humans but soulless monsters, and Miki thinks she can fix things with Kei by taking care of Taroumaru. In the end, their misconceptions are proven wrong and are forced to accept the situation as it is like Yuki. The difference here is that their delusions aren’t as obvious.

1 Megumi is still watching

One of the many heartbreaking moments in this series is when Yuki has to stop living in a fantasy world to save her friends and accept that Megumi is gone. Even though she’s just an illusion, it’s heartbreaking to see Yuki say goodbye to her beloved teacher. There’s a silver lining to hide in the last episode when they leave school. When the girls are in the car, the reflection in the mirror has longer pink hair than Yuki, implying that it is Megumi. While normally that would be a chilling detail, here it’s heartwarming because it means that even in death, Megumi watches over the girls.

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