5 Times Yuki Almost Got Everyone Killed (& 5 Times She Saved Everyone)

Yuki is the main protagonist of the anime School Live! The eccentric, friendly, and energetic student survived the apocalypse for a long time thanks to the efforts of her friends, who created the School Living club as a ploy to keep her inside the school after the zombie outbreak. Unlike her friends, Yuki has no idea what’s going on in the world around her, having suffered a nervous breakdown that makes her believe that everything is fine.

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Although living under such delusions allows Yuki to cope, it causes trouble for her friends, whom Yuki sometimes endangers with her antics. Although, trouble as she may be, Yuki is also their savior on more than one occasion.

ten Danger: Yuki never helps with the maintenance of the school.

Yuki at school live

While trapped inside the school, it’s everyone’s job to help with the gardening, count the supplies, and maintain the barricades that protect the girls from the zombies below. While Yuki does a few tasks considered club homework, she cannot do anything that would remind her of the surrounding apocalypse, instead following her old routines of attending class.

This ensures that her friends put themselves in harm’s way, doing the dangerous jobs that require them to leave their safe zone, especially Kurumi who takes on the worst jobs as a fighter in the group.

9 Savior: his delusions brought hope to the club

While it may seem like a small matter, Yuki’s games and imaginations have actually saved the School Living club time and time again. The sports festival reminded Miki that there is more to life than survival. The letters the girls sent out into the world filled them with hope that other humans might have survived as well, and the bravery test had the girls raiding the school store for supplies. supplies without giving in to their fears.

Without the hope and sense of routine created by Yuki’s antics, Miki, Kurumi, and Yuuri might well have let themselves go.

8 Danger: Yuki never considers his surroundings

Yuki Tekya from School-Live!

As delirious as she is, Yuki doesn’t see the broken windows, the blood on the walls, or the general destruction around her. she is completely oblivious to her surroundings. While this is mostly played as cute or harmless, it’s actually a rather ominous trait. Without the ability to sense danger, Yuki is often too loud and boisterous, constantly revealing the club’s position in scenarios where they need to be stealthy. Although the club manages to control Yuki, giving reasons why maybe she should be quiet, there may have been a time when it killed them all.

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The club not only ignores Yuki’s tendency to attract attention, but he also actively participates in his games. In the mall saga, Yuki encouraged them to dress up with her in the clothing store. While it might sound like a lot of fun, it could have ended terribly; after all, who could expect to run away from a horde of zombies without shoes?

7 Savior: Yuki rescued Miki from the mall

After the trip to the mall, the girls are ready to go back to school, never to leave it again for the foreseeable future. However, shortly after leaving, Yuki is certain that she heard something inside the building. The others convince her that she is imagining things and that they should leave.

Yuki ignores her friends, running inside, where she finds Miki, surrounded by zombies. After tracking Yuki inside the mall, the group are able to save Miki’s life, bringing her back to school.

6 Danger: Yuki’s courage test was a bad idea

Yuki Megumi School Bravery Test Live

In another one of her delusions, Yuki has a conversation with Megumi that leads her to come up with a club test of courage. The object of the test is to wander the school at night, encountering the idea of ​​ghosts and similar imaginings. Although the others use the test as a way to loot the school store, they don’t seem to consider the test a bad idea.

They leave their safe zone in the dark of night, while following Yuki who is way too loud. In the end, Yuki’s volume attracts a zombie that Kurumi must eliminate.

5 Savior: Yuki rescued Miki from the basement shelter

Miki at school in a shelter

After Kurumi was bitten by a zombified Megumi, Miki swore to retrieve the medicine she needed from the basement shelter, which was by far the most dangerous area in the school. Although Yuki offered to help, having broken free from her delusions under the pressure of such a traumatic event, Kurumi chose to go it alone.

After being put back in her place, Yuki initially stayed in hiding, but after a while she knew she had to do whatever she could to make sure her friends were safe. Leaving the security of the clubroom, Yuki’s speech on the PA system created a distraction, causing the zombies to leave Miki alone.

4 Danger: Yuki demanded a school trip to the mall

Trip to School Live Mall

Assuming the school clubs are going on a field trip, Yuki decides that she and her friends should do it too, enlisting her friends for a trip to the mall. Unable to crush Yuki’s spirit, the club agrees to the trip, taking their greatest risks since the outbreak began. They have to make their way out of the school, across the parking lot, quickly learn to drive a car, and that’s before they’ve even reached the infested mall.

When the trip is over, the girls don’t have much to show for, bringing back a teddy bear for Yuki instead of the dozens of supplies they could have packed instead.

3 Savior: Yuki found the files detailing the zombie outbreak

school club

After finding a key among Megumi’s belongings, Miki and Yuuri embark on a search of the school’s faculty office that may shed some light on their current situation. Although they search high and low, there is no sign of anything that could be of use to them. Yuki finds the girls in their search and joins her, eager to help find whatever her imaginary version of Megumi wanted. In the midst of her whimsical search, Yuki manages to find a secret compartment with the files Miki and Yuuri were looking for.

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The files Yuki discovers detail the origins of the zombie outbreak, information about other shelters, and the location of a secret bunker under the school. Without her discovery of the files, Kurumi would have died and the School Living club would never have made the decision to search for survivors in the other safe houses.

2 Danger: Yuki froze in the mall

After hearing Miki and running into the mall to find her, Yuki was soon confronted by a horde of zombies, all of whom had died there before the outbreak. Although Yuki is somewhat lucid at the moment, aware that she must either save Miki or cut and run, she freezes, having a panic attack.

Yuuri and Kurumi run to Yuki and Miki’s aid, acting quickly to save them. Although the group manage to make it out of the infested mall unscathed, Yuki’s actions nearly kill them all.

1 Savior: Yuki got rid of the horde of zombies attacking the school

Final live from school

In the show’s finale, the school is overrun by zombies of former students and faculty members. A zombified Tarōumaru saves Yuki, causing him to realize that zombies retain residual memories from their past lives. In order to save her friends, Yuki cuts through the thick of the horde, heading for the school broadcast room.

Once there, she uses the school’s PA system to deliver a heartfelt speech, telling the zombies it’s time for them to go home. Without shedding a drop of blood, Yuki managed to clear the school of all zombies, saving everyone inside.

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