Lower aims to play every game in 2021 | High School Live

One strength is receivers and a good sophomore quarterback Hunter Ray. The defense should also be strong, especially senior defensive end Marcus Hebron and senior linebacker Jayden Farrow. Both are also running backs.

Last year, the Caper Tigers won two of their last three games.

“We finished well, now we’re going to incorporate that this year,” Lawler said.

Last season, Bailey was a freshman coach guiding his team through a shortened season that was tough for every school in the state. He was also a coach for the first time in 14 years. The situation was therefore far from ideal.

Bailey and his players are more comfortable with each other at the start of the second year.

“I think the kids got a taste of success and what hard work can bring, and they stuck with it,” Bailey said. “I think they have a taste in their mouths that they are better than 4-4, but they know they have to work to be able to get there.

“The system is much easier for them than it was this time last year. They can be more reactionary.

Players can compete with greater ease this season, already knowing the playbook.

“Last year we had a few bumps,” Lawler said. “Learning everything new with a whole new coaching staff, but it’s a great team and I think everyone is comfortable now. Everyone knows what they’re doing. It should be good.

Carol C. Reed