Mainland’s Chase Petty ready for life-changing draft experience | High School Live

“The risk is still there,” Barber said, “and (the question is) is the talent big enough to override that?”

The draft will proceed as follows.

Thirty-six players will be selected Sunday starting at 7 p.m. on ESPN and MLB Network.

Rounds 2 through 10 will begin at 1 p.m. Monday. Rounds 11-20 will begin at noon Tuesday.

Chase Petty added to his high school baseball legacy on Tuesday.

Since the end of the season in mid-June, Petty has made Zoom calls with several big league teams. Prospective projects are permitted to hire an agent/advisor. Petty has hired George Iskenderian from MVP Sports Group, which also represents big league stars Albert Pujols and Fernando Tatis Jr.

“I just prepared for what comes next, the next chapter,” Petty said. “Lift, practice, throw some more. I just go day to day.

Several mock drafts predict Petty to be a late first-round pick. If he is not selected in the first round, he will almost certainly be selected in the second round and receive an “over the slot” signing bonus.

Each draft slot in the first 10 rounds is assigned a certain value. Teams can ration their signing bonus. For example, if a team signs their first-round pick for less than the expected value, they can pay their second-round pick more than the expected value. The first pick in the second round is slated for a bonus of $1,999,300.

Carol C. Reed