Yen Press Licensing School-Live! Letters, SOTUS Manga, Hirano and Kagiura Novels, More – News

Yen Press announced on Friday that it had licensed the following titles:

Title: School Live! Letters manga
Creators: Norimitsu Kaiho (story), Sadoru Chiba (art)
Summary: Now that the apocalypse is over, the former members of the School Living Club have moved on to new stages in their lives. With each member taking a different path, the letters help everyone remember the past, live for the present, and stay in touch with each other.

Title: Hirano and Kagiura light novel
Creators: Sho Harusono (original story, character design), Kotoko Hachijo (story)
Summary: It all started when Akira Kagiura moved into the dorms. He was supposed to have a normal roommate relationship with a normal guy, so the last thing he expected was someone like Taiga Hirano. Although his first impression was that of a delinquent bad boy, Hirano’s mother hen nature quickly turned him around. And so, in the first six months together, he falls in love with the perfect man…

From the creator of Sasaki and Miyanocomes the beginning of Hirano and Kagiuralove story !

Title: Matching tangles manga
Creator: mikanuji
Summary: Discover a variety of stories about the love of women, starting with Iori, a twenty-eight-year-old office worker who sets out to drown her love and professional sorrows in alcohol. When she wakes up next to someone, she can’t believe her partner was Minami, a bar worker who doesn’t want to forget what she has!

Title: Barrier Master’s Wife light novel
Creator: Kureha
Summary: Long ago, Japan was protected by five crystal pillars. Although eighteen-year-old Hana Ichise was born into one of the branch’s families who defend the pillars using supernatural abilities, she has lived in the shadow of her brilliant twin sister, Hazuki, ever since her birth. younger age. When Hana finally awakens to her own powers one day, however, she chooses to hide them out of a desire to finish high school in peace. That is, until Saku Ichinomiya, the arrogant but powerful leader of the main branch of his family, falls in love with Hana and forces her to sign a marriage contract with him. But can Hana reach her true potential under the wing of her future husband?

Title: SOTU manga
Creators: BitterSweet (story), Kei (art)
Abstract: SOTUS is an educational system in which the upper classes impose “tests” on the lower classes. Arthit, head of senior engineering, plans to put his new juniors through a rigorous training regimen to earn the symbol of their major – equipment. However, a freshman named Kongpob causes Arthit further headaches when he declares that he is going to snatch the equipment from him: “I’m going to make you my wife!”

Title: Tezcatlipoca novel
Creator: Kiwamu Sato
PLOT: Following a brutal war with a rival cartel, a certain drug lord flees Mexico and finds himself halfway around the world, where he meets a Japanese organ broker doing business in Jakarta. After their fateful meeting, the two travel to Japan in order to establish a new business in the organ trade. There, the former cartel leader takes a lonely young boy under his wing. These three lives gradually become inextricably tangled in a web of crime, violence and human flesh…

Source: press release

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